Yazan Obeidi
Waterloo, ON 28/03/15
about me

I am a third year Systems Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo and I am passionate about creating intelligent systems and technologies that improve our lives.

My philosophy is that anything that can be imagined can be made.

I am intensely curious and will never back away from a challenge.

My interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, synthetic biology, quantum cognition, neural networks and emergence.

GeneticMonkeys Have you ever heard of the infinite monkey theorem? GeneticMonkeys is a Python based exploration into the world of evolutionary computing and genetic programming. Check out the README for more information! Released as free and open source under GNU GPL.

Flow Flow is a high frequency algorithmic trading module that uses machine learning to self regulate and self optimize for maximum return. Flow currently uses Q learning on top of a set of 8 financial indicators. Released as free and open source under Apache License.

HYPERLOOP A flying train travelling at Mach 1 in a vacum sealed-tube, Hyperloop is the future of long distance transportation. Along with a team of fellow UW students, a Hyperloop pod system is being designed from the ground-up. We have, along with 22 other teams in the world, have advanced to the final competition weekend in Texas this summer where we will be testing our pod as part of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

Team Website
Design Package (PDF)
ArduinoMind A collection of libraries built upon layers of abstraction and responsive regulatory feedback systems. Inspired by the biology of the human body, this project attempts to emulate intelligent behaviour. An Arduino is used for data aquisition and data pre-processing and interfaces with a more powerful machine for data analysis.
Organizer.py A fun quick Python project where I experimented with argparse and fulfilled a need for a no-frills command line task organizer. Released as free and open source under GNU GPL.

Adaptive Radiation Therapy During the summer of 2015 at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center, I developed a predictive modelling algorithm based upon the Kalman filter for optimal adapted target volume determination as part of research into adaptive Radiation Therapy for prostate cancer under Dr. Tim Craig.

My algorithm consumed daily CT images of the continuously changing internal structure and provided tighter treatment volumes with fewer uncertainties, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. It was designed in MATLAB, implemented in Python, and was integrated directly into the medical imaging software.

Dr. Craig will be presenting our findings at the 2016 CARO conference this July.

Predictive Model (GitHub)
Kalman Filter (GitHub)
Work Term Report (PDF)
Supply Chain Optimization While employed with The Home Depot Canada at their newly launched Rapid Distribution Centre, the investigation of an odd trend in carton flow resulted in the creation of a system which directly saved their supply chain operations over 250 man-hours a week. The new system leveraged automation providing visibility, standards of practice and a reporting system to optimize flow thru capacity. The investigatation, analysis, creation and implementation was done independently. This project received direct commendation from the Vice President of Supply Chain.
Mastermind in C++ Wrote a C++ implementation of the classic code breaking game Mastermind as a hobby project in first year. Released as free and open source under GNU GPL.

    System Design
    Problem Solving
    Shipping Code
    Creating Value
    Getting Sh*t Done
    Artifical Intelligence
    Big Data Analytics
    Machine Learning
    Computational Neuroscience
    Synthetic Biology
    Python <3
    C++ was my first
    BASc Systems Design Engineering

    w/ Option in Management Sciences
    UW HYPERLOOP (Current Team Lead)
    UW Sustainable Campus Initiative (Member)
    Engineering Without Borders (Past Director)
Resume (HTML) (PDF)
Code Samples (GitHub)
Work Term Report 2 (PDF)
Letter of Recommendation (PDF)
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